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New Haven Streetcar Concept Map September 2010
New Haven Streetcar

2009-2012 Proposal

From 2009to 2012, the City of New Haven proposed to develop a modern streetcar line stitching together three growing districts: Downtown, the Yale-New Haven Hospital Medical District, and Union Station. The line would serve surrounding neighborhoods as well. As a required draft proposal to obtain Federal funding, the City displayed an initial 3-mile line that could serve as an alternative mode of transportation, with the opportunity to be expanded regionally to Hamden and West Haven (8-9 miles).The city believes that the streetcar would amplify livable, walkable and sustainable qualities of the urban environment, while relieving heavy traffic congestion to accommodate future development, and also improving the quality of public bus service. Demand for transit would easily allow the light rail / streetcar system to connect residents and visitors to commuter rail lines and high speed rail via service to Union Station.

Roughly $1 million in funding was allocated by the Federal Transit Administration, including a match from the Connecticut Department of Transportation, but the City of New Haven chose not to proceed with the study in 2012. The 2009-2012 proposal would have also examined improvements to other modes of transit, including the bus system and looked at ways to improve downtown circulation in general.

2014 Proposal

The roughly $1 million design study for a New Haven streetcar has been approved, with the project funded by the Federal Transit Administration and including a local match. The study will also examine improvements to other modes of transit, including the bus system, throughout New Haven. It will also look at transit circulation between Downtown, the Medical District, and Union Station.


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