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NewHaven StreetcarEdit

PZ GoalsImprove Educational Opportunities
PZ SubgoalsIncrease the percentage of students on track to graduate from high school and complete postsecondary programs
Lead OrganizationNew Haven Public Schools
Lead ContactPatricia Melton
Lead Contact
Other Individuals203-PROMISE
Geographic LevelLocal
GeographyNew Haven

Project: New Haven PROMISE

Our scholarship is an annual award that covers up to full tuition, and tuition only, at a Connecticut public 2 or 4-year college or university.

The Greater New Haven Region has a rich history and culture that enhances the quality of life for all our residents, but today, the health of our community is being threatened by multiple factors that are typical of urban centers. Understanding these factors is critical for developing the best strategies to address them. The Partnership for a Healthier Greater New Haven, a coalition of nearly 40 individuals and organizations, combined their talent, expertise and resources to identify these factors through the Greater New Haven Community Index 2013. These findings are being utilized to develop a collaborative regional health improvement plan and guide organization specific strategic planning initiatives and outreach efforts.

The seven focus areas of the regional health improvement plan include Access to Care, Asthma, Infectious Disease, Injury (including community violence), Maternal, Infant and Child Health, Mental Health and Addictions (including tobacco use), and Obesity and Chronic Disease.

These efforts align well with the focus of the Urban Promise Zone application and provide ongoing measurement of outcomes supporting the application’s strategic initiatives. The Partnership for a Healthier Greater New Haven is proud to continue these collaborative efforts and looks forward to supporting the Promise Zone in its shared purpose to improve the health and well-being of Greater New Haven residents.

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