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Community Knowledge Center Home

Welcome to the Community Knowledge Center at DataHaven. The Knowledge Center supports community governance by increasing access to public knowledge, policy analysis, and quantitative and qualitative data sources about a variety of issues, topics and geographic places.

Our primary goal is to help citizens, journalists, organizations and policymakers learn about and draw connections between complex issues in Connecticut. When available at both a regional and neighborhood level, increased access to information can facilitate better decisions by improving the quality of local reporting, grant writing, evaluation and grassroots action.

Please help us build a comprehensive, multi-sector resource that details the community assets, opportunities and challenges present within each city, town and neighborhood in Connecticut. Instructions on how to get involved may be found at the bottom of this page.


In the table below, we have highlighted pages within each sector based on the topics that are currently of greatest community-wide interest. Over time, this table will evolve and become more dynamic. If you can't find what you are looking for here, please try using the "Search" tool in the navigation bar at the top of this page, or contact us with questions.


The Community Knowledge Center is a collaborative online project managed by DataHaven. The site features various portals, for example, by geography (e.g., city, town, neighborhood), topic area (e.g., Prison Policy, School Reform, Transportation) and organization (e.g., New Haven Public Schools, Urban Resources Initiative).

Please contact us if you wish to suggest edits to pages or nominate new topic areas.  For general help on adding to the Knowledge Center, click here.  Email info (at) or call (203) 500-7059 with any questions on how to get involved in adding content, for instructions on how to use the site, or to volunteer to develop a new section. We seek to illuminate civic priorities by engaging the community in building this resource.

This is a beta version of the site and many future enhancements are planned. DataHaven and its sponsors may not be held responsible for the content posted on this site.