[Excerpt] Standing by a large window overlooking the sun setting over Elm City and East Rock, data and policy analysts presented data to state legislators, non-profit leaders and community members revealing striking disparities in well-being that are affecting the children and families of Greater New Haven.

The event, called Data for Action, hosted by the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven on Thursday afternoon, was organized to promote data-driven policymaking and to provide local nonprofits with information to guide their advocacy and community service efforts. The event was led by data hub DataHaven’s Executive Director Mark Abraham ’04, New Haven Health Department epidemiologist Amanda Durante SPH ’01 and Connecticut Voices for Children policy fellows Edie Joseph ’12 and Orlando Rodriguez.
When distributed along the proper channels, Abraham said, data has tremendous power to better the lives of the people from which it was collected.
“Generally the issues that get talked about more, the ones with the most studies and highest quality data, are the ones that see the most immediate change and action on the legislative level,” he said. “These issues can’t wait 5-10 years for a resolution, they are ballooning right now.”