Open or Recently-Posted Positions

Instructions on how to apply for positions are posted within the job descriptions below (PDF files). Start dates are flexible, and the positions will remain open until filled. 

Data Analyst/Research Associate - Filled March 2019

Statewide Project Coordinator - Filled July 2018

If you have a combination of quantitative analysis skills, experience working with public data, and a professional background in the development and use of neighborhood-level information resources, please feel free to email us your CV/resume if you would like. We are always happy to hear from potential candidates who are interested in DataHaven and already have an extensive background in our field of work, and we will try to notify you if a relevant new position opens.

Employment or Volunteer Inquiries

You may reach Mark Abraham, our Executive Director via this page. By policy, we do not take phone calls or in-person inquiries about open positions. 

In addition to responding to open positions, you may contact us with inquiries about internship, fellowship, and volunteer opportunities. When our capacity allows, DataHaven works with several interns or external fellows each year, including those with external sources of funding (e.g., work study or fellowships paid by a university they attend). Independent volunteer and service projects also may be proposed - if proposing an independent project, please be as specific as possible about what you propose to work on and how we can help advise your work. DataHaven is an equal opportunity employer.Please note that due to the small size of our organization and high volume of inquiries we receive, we are often unable to respond to inquiries about open positions and volunteer opportunities.

Other jobs related to public data in CT

Please see our Connecticut Data jobs board.