[Excerpt from full news article] Updated population projections released by the Connecticut State Data Center at the University of Connecticut predicted slow growth overall, but with interior cities such as New Haven experiencing comparatively faster growth.

[New Haven] is expected to see a population increase of about 11 percent by 2040, in contrast with a 2.8 percent growth rate for the state as a whole, according to the data, which was released over the last two months. Much of this growth is expected to come from college-educated young adults, said Mark Abraham ’04, executive director of the data analysis non-profit DataHaven. In an article for the New Haven Independent, Abraham said New Haven will continue to be one of a few places in the Northeast to have a population that is majority under 35 years old. New Haven is expected to grow by about 20,000 people over the next several decades, for which the city is already preparing.

“At a very basic level, there will be a need for a significant number of new housing units in areas that are accessible and affordable,” Abraham said.

City Economic Development Administrator Matthew Nemerson SOM ’81 said New Haven is well prepared for a population increase, pointing out the city’s existing public transit system, affordable housing and social services. He noted that the city is looking at the Long Wharf area as a possibility for additional housing. [....]