[Excerpt] The jobs are out in the suburbs. The workers live in the city. The bus often can’t connect the two.

So says a new report. Its conclusion: The region needs to fix the transit system—from biking to buses to ride-sharing—in order to break the cycle of chronic, long-term unemployment.
The Greater New Haven Job Access and Transportation Working Group and DataHaven released the report Friday at the Greater New Haven NAACP headquarters on Whalley Avenue.
The report identifies lack of access to reliable and timely transportation as a leading cause of chronic and long term unemployment. This latest report is a follow up to an Urban Apartheid report the Greater New Haven NACCP published three years ago.
While New Haven bus riders have “better” bus access and transfer points than residents in neighboring cities to help get them to work in more affluent neighborhoods, it is just barely better, according to the report.