DataHaven Community Index Scores from 2023 reports with data for 169 CT towns

The document linked below is an Excel file created by DataHaven with DataHaven Community Index Score components and overall scores for all Connecticut towns. It corresponds to DataHaven's 2023 Community Wellbeing Index publications.

The methodology used is described in the Fairfield County Community Wellbeing Index 2023, Greater Hartford Community Wellbeing Index 2023, and Greater New Haven Community Wellbeing Index 2023 reports. As with most Connecticut data, the 169 Connecticut towns are defined geographically by the Census Bureau as county subdivisions.

Note: Town-level data are also analyzed and graphed within the DataHaven Town Equity Reports, which are available for all 169 towns in the state. DataHaven has also published neighborhood-level analyses of data on this site. This file was compiled using R statistical software scripts to ensure accuracy and reproducibility. If you are using information from this file, please cite the source as "DataHaven Community Index Scores from 2023 reports with data for 169 CT towns, Excel file published March 21, 2021, available at" Alternatively, you may cite our Community Wellbeing Index reports if citing information about the towns that are listed in those reports.