New Haven Neighborhood Profiles

Our updated New Haven neighborhood data visualization is now posted within our Connecticut City Neighborhood Profiles.

The older version may be found below:

New Haven Neighborhood Profiles (Published 2018)

With support from public and private partners, DataHaven has maintained neighborhood profiles and maps for over 10 years. We have updated our maps and profiles with census data released in December 2017, and with new data visualization technology that is responsive to various devices.

View the 2016 profiles by clicking here. 

After viewing the visualization, click on the "X" in the top right to return to this page. 

Please contact us with any questions. Updated PDF documents for any current year have significant additional detail, and are also available upon request. Raw data downloads are also embedded within the visualization above.

Extended Versions

Click on the "Document" link below to access a current version of our PDF neighborhood estimates, which contain many additional indicators. You may also download some of our earlier posted versions (2014) here, and (2010) here. Please contact DataHaven for more information or to request a more detailed analysis. 


The estimates in the neighborhood profiles are derived from Census 5-year American Community Survey data (the latest available as of the publication date), and are only available at a neighborhood level through DataHaven.

In partnership with DataHaven, neighborhood boundaries were updated by the City of New Haven City Plan Department for the purposes of developing the city's comprehensive plan in 2012, and do not correspond exactly to Census Tracts or Block Groups in all cases. Because of improvements in how we obtain Census data for small areas, some data elements in our 2014 neighborhood profiles are not directly comparable to those used in our 2010 neighborhood profiles. Please note that there are no estimates for Long Wharf because the area is considered to be a commercial area with zero population. There are a dozen or so residents living along the boundary line with the Hill neighborhood, and they are automatically added to the Hill neighborhood estimate. Census Tract and neighborhood-level data from the American Community Survey are subject to high margins of error. Please compare and use with great caution. Please contact DataHaven for additional information.