NH Child: New Haven Children's Ideal Learning District 2017 Report

The report contains data about early childhood in New Haven. From the Executive Summary:

"By establishing the New Haven Children’s Ideal Learning District (NH ChILD) we can work together to advance these strategies. Since the success of this one-of-a-kind Ideal Learning district is coningent upon the participation of the entire New Haven community—including city government, the public school system, private providers, businesses and nonprofit organiza.ons—our inten.on is for this paper to provide stakeholders with the foundaton necessary to inform the development of a more detailed, inclusive implementation plan in the next phase of the work. Through this process we aim to galvanize the New Haven community to collaborate on shared solutions while raising the funds necessary to bring high-quality early care and education to all children in New Haven."

The file posted here is a reduced file size version of the original from https://newhavenchild.org/.