Race, Place, and Health: A comparative review of health data on African American males in Bridgeport, Connecticut

This report helps develop a baseline of information about a variety of barriers that may prevent AfricanAmerican men in Bridgeport and other Connecticut cities from achieving their full health potential. When these barriers involve system-wide, avoidable and unjust social and economic policies that create unequal access to opportunity, they are often known as “health inequities.”

To gather these data, the Aspen Institute has engaged DataHaven, a New Haven-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to help improve access to and use of public information within local communities in Southern Connecticut. DataHaven is a partner of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership, a collaborative national effort by the Urban Institute and approximately 40 local partners who further the development and use of neighborhood information systems in local policymaking and community building. Further information on the data in this report is available from DataHaven.