Data Resources

  • Race, Place, and Health: A comparative review of health data on African American males in Bridgeport, Connecticut

    This report helps develop a baseline of information about a variety of barriers that may prevent AfricanAmerican men in Bridgeport and other Connecticut cities from achieving their full health potential. When these barriers involve system-wide, avoidable and unjust social and economic policies that create unequal access to opportunity, they are often known as “health inequities.”

    May. 30, 2013

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  • Urban Apartheid: 2013 Greater New Haven NAACP Report

    The NAACP Greater New Haven Branch of the NAACP created the Urban Apartheid report, involving DataHaven to work with NAACP staff and board members and contribute the research material used throughout. DataHaven also received a separate contract from the Annie E. Casey Foundation to support its work on the development of this 25-page report. The report includes data from the 2012 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey.

    Mar. 27, 2013

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  • New Haven map and infographic: Who lives near homicides?

    [Archived] information available on request.

    Jan. 28, 2013

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  • 2012 Greater New Haven Community Wellbeing Survey Press Release & Executive Summary

    An Executive Summary of results from the 2012 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey.  Click on the "Document" link below to access this document, or click on the image to access the full report page with additional resources and information.

    Jan. 18, 2013

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  • DataHaven Annual Report 2012

    This report reflects not only the ways in which DataHaven has changed over its first 20 years, but also how the New Haven community has changed.

    Dec. 31, 2012

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  • 2012 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey Preliminary Results for Greater New Haven

    A crosstab of data resulting from the 2012 Community Wellbeing Survey conducted by DataHaven.Click on the "Document" link below to access the document.

    Dec. 17, 2012

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