Data Resources

  • Report re: Traffic Safety at Yale University (2009)

    This collaborative report from Yale University and the City of New Haven uses statistics on traffic-related fatalities/injuries and traffic safety initiatives to draw attention to the importance of such initiatives in New Haven.

    Mar. 9, 2009

    Economy, Health

  • A Challenge to the Health of Our Young People: A Primer on Federal, State and Local Policies that Impact School Food

    The New Haven Food Policy Council put together this policy primer to present information about the importance of healthy school meals. The report offers policy suggestions at the federal, state, and local levels.

    May. 22, 2008

    Education, Health

  • Greater New Britain Health Needs Assessment

    The goal of this Community Health Assessment is to gain understanding of the health status of New Britain, Berlin, Plainville, and Southington and identify key areas of need. This study was a large survey plus additional data gathered from publicly available sources. It was done in partnership between Connecticut Mental Health Affiliates, Hospital for Special Care, Human Resources Agency of New Britain, The Hospital of Central Connecticut, and health officials from the respective municipal governments.

    Mar. 31, 2008


  • A Health Status Report on African-Americans in Connecticut

    This report reflects the status of health indicators for African Americans. It showed that there is still much racial inequity in health.

    Jun. 30, 2007


  • Working Together: The Future of Health in New Haven

    The Future Search Consensus Conference is a multi-stakeholder planning method that brings diverse groups together to discover shared values and purpose. It forces “systems thinking” — promoting a broad yet integrated approach. The two-day conference focused on determining how to take advantage of Yale's research resources to advance health care in New Haven. This report outlines the findings and recommendations.

    May. 15, 2007


  • The Connecticut Diabetes Prevention and Control Plan (2007-2012)

    Diabetes affects many people in Connecticut, but the Connecticut Diabetes Prevention and Control Program seeks to reduce the rate at which the disease affect's the state's population. They issued a series of goals and recommendations.

    Jan. 1, 2007