Connecticut Voices For Children

  • Missing Out: Suspending Students from Connecticut Schools

    This is the first of two reports examining out-of-school suspension policy and practice in Connecticut. It was issued in response to a 2007 law passed in Connecticut requiring that suspensions be served in school. The law was passed, but implementation was delayed until 2009.

    August 31, 2008

  • A Profile of Connecticut's Youth: Executive Summary of 2003 State of Connecticut's Youth

    The executive summary from the 2003 State of Connecticut's Youth report summarizes data in various areas, including health, education, and socioeconomic disparity.

    August 17, 2003

  • The State of Connecticut's Youth 2003

    Connecticut Voices for Children released the 2003 edition of their State of Connecticut's Youth report. The indicators measure both risk and protective factors. These data offer a picture of the state's youth that can be used to promote a “shared sense of accountability," guide funding and programmatic decisions, and set a baseline against which to measure the impact of these decisions in the future.

    August 17, 2003

  • New Haven Children & Youth: 1999 Update

    This report was a follow-up to the original 1998 report. It measured various indicators of the wellbeing of children in the city, spanning the areas of education, health, safety, poverty, and violence.

    December 31, 1999

  • New Haven Children & Youth: 1998

    In this report, Connecticut Voices for Children presents the state of New Haven youth in 1998 in the context of the state and the nation. The report serves as a baseline to direct attention to areas in need of further improvement.

    September 30, 1998