Connecticut Health Data Collaborative

Excerpt describing the data collaborative from February 2017 Status Report:

"In 2015, a state economic competiveness diagnostic was performed and provided insights into Connecticut’s economic strengths and challenges. Key findings showed that we have great assets and strong economic drivers in research and development, bioscience and health data. In response to those key findings, the passage of Special Act 16-20 established the Connecticut Health Data Collaborative Working Group (CHDC). With the goal of creating stronger networks and partnerships among existing institutions, participant stakeholders convened from the fields of community health, healthcare, health insurance, research and development, education, data and technology, bioscience among others. They were charged with finding ways in which stakeholders can -- and should-- collaborate more effectively, rather than working independently of one another. After just four and half months of intense focus on synergies and relationshipbuilding, new opportunities have been identified, new partnerships have formed, and audacious goals are being set to make Connecticut a national leader in the field of precision medicine and personalized health. The following summary serves as a status report of the work of the CHDC. Thanks to the leadership of the group’s committed stakeholders, a new vision for the development of the precision medicine and personalized health sector has emerged. The CHDC has identified four areas of collaboration to serve as guiding pillars, including: 1. Research and development 2. Economic growth initiatives 3. Access, privacy, and security initiatives 4. Data of population health

Connecticut would be one of the first in the nation to adopt a statewide initiative which would leverage our world class academic and research institutions, hub of insurance organizations, and a growing tech industry. Within each of these pillars listed below, the CHDC has identified goals that will put the state in a strong position to retain and attract talent, build an economic cluster around precision medicine and health data, and promote population health."


1. Connecticut General Assembly page with agendas, presentations, notes and membership list:

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3. Lawmakers set aside partisanship to back bioscience industry (March 2017 Article, CT Mirror)