• [Excerpt of front-page feature article by Cassandra Day, Staff Writer, Middletown Press, Aug. 16, 2023] MIDDLETOWN — There is a nearly 20-year difference in life expectancy between Black and Asian residents living in Middlesex County, according to the results of a health needs assessment based on race and ethnicity conducted by Middlesex Health. Black residents experience the lowest average life expectancy in Middlesex County, 77.2 years, and Asians, the highest, 96.6 years, according to the 2022 health report.… Read More

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    cog region Connecticut data reports
  • [Excerpt of feature article in Hearst CT newspapers, August 2, 2023, by Alex Putterman] … Read More

    data on connecticut towns from datahaven survey reported in hearst ct newspapers
  • Maps show how Connecticut population shifted during COVID pandemic

    Hearst Connecticut Media Group    July 26, 2023

    [Excerpt from feature article by Amy Coval, Nami Sumida and Christian Leonard, July 26, 2023] [....] Data from a variety of sources, like the U.S. Postal Service and government surveys show where some of these people moved. In addition to collecting taxes, the IRS also releases detailed information on where U.S. residents are moving.… Read More

  • East Hartford partners with Lions to tackle food insecurity

    Hearst Connecticut Media Group    July 20, 2023

    [Excerpt from Hearst CT / Journal-Inquirer Newspaper feature article by Jesse Leavenworth, July 19, 2023] EAST HARTFORD — The town is partnering with the local Lions Club to provide fresh produce for residents who have trouble getting enough food, mostly because of inflation, officials have announced. The Lions donated $5,000 to help residents get fruits and vegetables provided by the East Hartford Farmers' Market. An estimated 18% of adult residents experience food insecurity, lacking money to buy food for themselves or their families, town officials said.… Read More

  • [Excerpt of WNPR / CT Public Radio news story by Kay Perkins, July 10, 2023] Newly-released census data shows that Connecticut’s retirement-age population grew faster than the national average — and the average in Florida. The state’s retirement-age population grew by 3.4%, slightly outpacing Florida’s growth of 3.3%. This places Connecticut well above the national average of 3.1%, but still trailing behind New Hampshire at 4.5%. Retirees now make up about 16% of Connecticut’s total population.… Read More