• [Excerpt from feature article by Rob Phelps, May 13, 2024] All across New England, LGBTQ+ organizations do amazing, life-affirming, often lifesaving work to support our community. But who’s supporting them? For pro-LGBTQ+ programs and initiatives to survive and thrive, they need support too.  Stepping up to offer that support are dedicated funds throughout our six New England states—some based within major philanthropic foundations, others scrappy grassroots orgs themselves, all sharing similar missions to uplift all LGBTQ+ people in our region. [....]… Read More

  • [Excerpt from front-page article by Cris Villalonga-Vivoni, New Haven Register, Sunday, April 14, 2024] The rate of fatal overdoses in New Haven is about three times higher than the statewide average and has been sharply increasing since 2020, a new report found.… Read More

  • New maps show CT child tax credit statewide impacts

    Public News Service    March 25, 2024

    [News coverage from Edwin J. Viera, 3/25/24] New data show the impacts of Connecticut's proposed child tax credit. Broken down by town, and state House and Senate districts, 268,000 eligible families would receive $306 million in tax credits. Places like Bridgeport, Hartford, and Waterbury have the largest populations of eligible families. Municipalities across the state could see a 38% return on investment for local economies.… Read More

  • [Radio news report by Molly Ingram, WSHU, 2/26/24] A year-long study led by the Fairfield County Community Foundation (FCCF) will look into the economic benefits of racial equity. The first-of-its-kind study, called the “upside of equity,” will be done in collaboration with DataHaven and the Urban Institute. FCCF President and CEO Mendi Blue-Paca said the study will be used to inform more equitable policy.… Read More

  • Debate Brews Over State-Level Child Tax Credit

    CT News Junkie    February 23, 2024

    [Excerpt from news article by Christine Stuart, CT News Junkie, 2/23/24] Policymakers and advocates disagree on what, if anything, the Connecticut legislature should do after data from the U.S. Census showed child poverty doubled nationwide. But at least two organizations are making an argument with data to back their push for a state-level child tax credit to address the issue.… Read More

    DataHaven CT CTC Data estimate by Race Chart
  • [Excerpt of feature article by Taylor Johnston, Alejandra Arevalo and Nami Sumida, 2/16/24] Nearly half of Connecticut's adult population was born within the state's borders, according to recently released Census data collected in 2022. That part of the picture has remained relatively steady for decades. But over the past two decades, the state has seen a slow but steady increase in the number of residents born abroad. In 2022, the share of Connecticut adults who were born in the state was 47%, down about two percentage points from 2010, when the share was 49%.… Read More