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Click here to see a user-friendly Excel file with detailed town data.

Yesterday, the Census Bureau released its redistricting data file, which contains the first local-level results from the 2020 Census. As soon as data were posted, DataHaven distributed a user-friendly Excel version that merged in 2010 Census data and calculated the changes for each age and race/ethnicity group since 2010, which you may download here.

We have also posted commentary on social media, especially Twitter ( ), and through media partners that are using our data analyses, including the Hartford Courant, New Haven Register, CT Post, New Haven Independent, and The Day of New London, among others (click here to see press coverage).

One of the interesting findings ( from 2020 is the growth of Connecticut's larger towns. Collectively, the population of the 10 largest towns in Connecticut rose by 37,109, while Connecticut's 159 other towns combined saw a population decline of 5,262.

Generally speaking, this was due to a far steeper drop in the child populations of these 159 smaller towns, combined with relatively slower increases in their adult populations. Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport, and New Haven saw particularly large increases in their adult populations, while Danbury saw a relatively large increase in its child population.

Over the coming days, DataHaven's research team is working closely with city and community partners ( to understand neighborhood-level changes within each town since 2010. Follow on social media or in the local press as we share our findings. We also eagerly await the release of a far more detailed 2020 dataset later in the year, which will be more useful for understanding social and economic trends in each community.

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Interviews Continue for 2021 Community Wellbeing Survey, Supported by Over 75 Leading Foundations, Hospitals, and Local Agencies

  • Click here to read the full press release about the statewide survey. 
  • Click here to view preliminary results from June 2021. 

Live, in-depth interviews of thousands of randomly-selected adults are continuing through the fall. We also have secured additional support this year for more open-ended, semi-structured interviews of residents. These can collect individual stories and create qualitative information that can help illuminate the survey's detailed statistics and help uncover issues that are not evident in the structured survey results.

Please encourage residents in your area to take the survey if they are contacted. Additional results from this summer's interviews will be released soon!

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