[Excerpt of Yale Daily News article by Myles Odermann, October 14, 2016]:

Low-income workers in the Elm City must commute to work more often than those who earn living wages, according to a recent report by DataHaven, a New Haven-based nonprofit analysis group.

DataHaven’s 2016 Greater New Haven Community Index shows that in New Haven, 47 percent of workers that earn a living wage of at least $40,000 a year commute to another town for work, while 66 percent of workers earning a lower salary commute outside the Elm City. As a post-industrial city that continues its transition from producing goods to providing services, New Haven continues to struggle with job sprawl — the relocation of entry-level jobs to the suburbs. According to the index, bus-route inefficiencies and financial inability to purchase vehicles deter residents’ ability to commute to these jobs.

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