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Join the Advisory Council for our 2018 statewide survey!

The DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey completed live, in-depth interviews with 16,219 randomly-selected adults in every town in Connecticut in 2015, producing robust local-level information not available from any other public data source on topics such as the built environment, health, housing, economic and civic vitality.

The statewide Survey will be fielded again beginning in late January 2018, with support committed from The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, Fairfield County's Community Foundation, CT Health Foundation, Yale-New Haven Health System, Trinity Health New England, Middlesex Hospital, local health departments, and dozens of other institutions and organizations throughout Connecticut. 

All public agencies, community-based organizations, philanthropic foundations, and institutions in Connecticut are invited to join the Advisory and/or Funder councils for this program. Interested parties must complete a brief form.  Please visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2018surveyadvisors to complete the registration form, or feel free to forward this note to an eligible organization in your area.

Responses are requested by noon on Tuesday, December 30 (but please feel free to contact us directly if you miss the deadline).  Based on these, we will begin to collect feedback on the program from each Advisory Council member. Please contact us with any questions.

Latest census data on DataHaven

We've updated our statewide community profiles with the latest 2016 5-year American Community Survey data, which was released on Thursday by the Census Bureau for all Connecticut towns and counties. Neighborhood profiles will be updated over the next few days, and we're busy incorporating the data into a number of new reports planned for publication early next year.

New "data stories" on financial security and the many wage gaps in Connecticut



View the links above to click through these two new "data stories" on our website. Video versions are also posted on our Facebook page for easy sharing!

Share our Hartford Courant op-ed on the 2020 Census

An op-ed by our staff, "Census Underfunding Could Hurt Connecticut," appeared in Tuesday's Hartford Courant print edition:


Please read and share the piece; a longer version (with maps) is also posted on our website.