Did you know that the percent of adults who feel that parks in their area are in good condition ranges by Connecticut State Senate district from 55% to 91%, and that food insecurity ranges from 2% to 26%?

  • Check out our new interactive map & downloadable profiles for all CT State Senate and House districts, containing the latest census data & DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey estimates on key topics: http://www.ctdatahaven.org/data-resources/connecticut-state-legislative-district-profiles. Information on many other topics is also available, but not yet posted within the interactive map.
  • Additionally, our neighborhood and community profiles have new data on every town and county, at http://ctdatahaven.org/communities, including our updated neighborhood-by-neighborhood interactive maps for Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, and Stamford.

Read our newly-released Report on The Status of Women and Girls in Eastern Connecticut, published with The Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut:

Statewide Survey Launch Event & February Deadline

  • This past week, we brought together more than 60 of our funders -- including foundations, municipalities, United Ways, councils of government, hospitals, universities, & more -- to launch the third wave of our statewide Community Wellbeing Survey. In addition to the participating partners who made this event a huge success, we are also grateful for the comments we received from over 100 public agencies and non-profits who signed up for our Advisory Committee, and we will be using this feedback to add new questions to the survey questionnaire.
  • Although about 15,000 randomly-selected adults in every Connecticut town will participate in the live, in-depth interviews when the survey is repeated beginning later this month, our ability to produce the most statistically-useful estimates for each partner sometimes requires a modest amount of additional funding to conduct more interviews within their town(s) or service region of interest. If any additional public agencies or organizations would like us to guarantee a certain level of interviews within a targeted town, zip code, or defined geographic area, we would appreciate hearing from them by February 19th or earlier.

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