• [Excerpt of WNPR / CT Public Radio news story by Kay Perkins, July 10, 2023] Newly-released census data shows that Connecticut’s retirement-age population grew faster than the national average — and the average in Florida. The state’s retirement-age population grew by 3.4%, slightly outpacing Florida’s growth of 3.3%. This places Connecticut well above the national average of 3.1%, but still trailing behind New Hampshire at 4.5%. Retirees now make up about 16% of Connecticut’s total population.… Read More

  • Selected news coverage of a June 2023 press conference announcing federal funding for a bus rapid transit system in the New Haven area. WSHU Public Radio, Molly Ingram, June 30, 2023… Read More

  • [Excerpt from news feature by Meghan Friedmann, New Haven Register, June 21, 2023] HAMDEN – Free meals for Hamden kids will help families facing food insecurity get through the summer, but with pandemic-era relief programs ending, uncertainty over who will qualify for free and reduced-price meals surrounds the coming school year. The summer meals program, which provides free breakfast and lunch on weekdays until Aug. 20, is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture, according to a release from Hamden Public Schools.… Read More

  • [Excerpt from news reporting by Sujata Srinivasan, June 9, 2023] A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows that housing discrimination exacerbates asthma symptoms in children. [....]… Read More

  • [Excerpt from feature article by Kat Stafford, in Associated Press and major newspapers, as part of "From Birth to Death" series, May 23, 2023] [....] "Black children are more likely to have asthma than kids of any other race in America. They're more likely to live near polluting plants, and in rental housing with mold and other triggers, because of racist housing laws in the nation's past. Their asthma often is more severe and less likely to be controlled, because of poor medical care and mistrust of doctors.… Read More

  • [Excerpt of news article by Lau Guzmán, Record-Journal, April 7, 2023] MERIDEN — Last year’s Puerto Rican festival was hot and humid. There were storms on the horizon, temperatures hovered around 95 degrees and the day ended with a thunderstorm. Despite the heat, I spent the day with a team from the Record-Journal that had gathered under a tent and a table to collect surveys. … Read More

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