Data Resources

  • The Partnership between the State of Connecticut and Nonprofit Providers

    The focus of this report is the large group of Connecticut residents that utilize State support and services for issues ranging from mental illness to homelessness, substance abuse, poverty, or crime. This study looks at the service delivery system serving this population and the role that nonprofit organizations play in this effort.

    Mar. 31, 2013

    Economy, Education, Health, Housing

  • Urban Apartheid: 2013 Greater New Haven NAACP Report

    The NAACP Greater New Haven Branch of the NAACP created the Urban Apartheid report, involving DataHaven to work with NAACP staff and board members and contribute the research material used throughout. DataHaven also received a separate contract from the Annie E. Casey Foundation to support its work on the development of this 25-page report. The report includes data from the 2012 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey.

    Mar. 27, 2013

    All DataHaven Programs, Community Wellbeing Survey, Civic Vitality, Demographics, Economy, Education, Health, Housing, Public Safety

  • A Renaissance for All of Us: Building an Inclusive Prosperity for New Haven

    Private investment has triggered a "renaissance" in New Haven. While the influx of money has allowed for downtown development and investments in education, medicine, and research, there are still many neighborhoods that are not benefiting. This is especially true for areas that were previously reliant on the manufacturing industry. The Connecticut Center for a New Economy developed its Grassroots Community Agenda based on conversations with New Haven residents in order to address lingering community problems.

    Dec. 31, 2011


  • Youth Employment in Connecticut

    This article examines trends in youth employment, which show that the "Great Recession" has affected that demographic as well.

    Jul. 31, 2011


  • Economic Importance of Investment in Public Transportation

    This paper establishes a framework for a current economic benefit review, using recently crafted livability and community sustainability trends.

    Mar. 30, 2011


  • Resurgent Cities and Economic Revitalization: Lessons for Older Industrial Cities

    This presentation, given at the University of Hartford's "What Can Hartford Learn from Other Cities" symposium, draws parallels between Springfield, Mass. and other resurgent cities, ultimately asking whether these lessons can be applied to Hartford as well.

    Mar. 8, 2011