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  • Hartford Blueprint for Young Children: Delivering the Promise of Success

    The City of Hartford created a five-year plan to create a cohesive, coordinated, family-centered system that uses the programs in the city, along with focused public policymaking and financial investment, to improve the lives of young children, age birth to eight. 

    May 31, 2005

  • A Town-Level Assessment of Community Food Security in Connecticut

    This report, released by the University of Connecticut's Food Policy Marketing Center, summarizes a town-level assessment of communityfood security in Connecticut. The results show which towns are food insecure and provide some insight into what barriers may exist to food security in those areas.

    May 23, 2005

  • Town of Guilford Natural Resource Inventory and Assessment

    An assessment and inventory of Guilford, Connecticut's natural resources, produced by the Natural Resource Inventory Committee, a subcommittee of the Guilford Conservation Commission.The document provides a detailed understanding of what resources exist, where they can be found, and how they relate to one another, allowing land use decision makers to protect the integrity of natural resources while providing for compatible residential and commercial growth. An additional benefit is to enhance residents’ understanding about the environment in which they live.

    January 31, 2005

  • Buried Treasure: Developing a Management Guide From Mountains of School Data

    This report discusses what is required to develop a school district "management guide," and offers a sample guide based on evidence-based indicators. Such indicators include achievement, elimination of the achievement gap, student attraction, student engagement, student retention, teacher attraction/retention, and funding equity.

    January 31, 2005

  • Connecticut Career Resource Network Update

    The Career Resource Network offers advice on career paths for students. This publication includes articles about different occupations and the skills that students should gain in order to succeed in those areas.

    January 01, 2005

  • Conservation and Development Policies Plan for Connecticut, 2004-2009

    This report provides the policy and planning framework for administrative and programmatic actions and capital and operational investment decisions of state government. It seeks to guide future state capital investments in a manner that leverages existing physical assets, revitalizes our urban areas to make them attractive again to our citizens, and provides municipalities with incentives to ensure that their land use policies do not inadvertently raise public costs odegrade natural resources.

    December 31, 2004