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  • Information for Workforce Investment Planning — 2007

    This report focuses on the South Central Workforce Investment Area, centered around New Haven. This publication includes data on Connecticut’s population, its labor force, industry employment and wages, employment by town, and on persons with barriers to employment.

    December 31, 2007

  • Immigration in Connecticut: A Growing Opportunity

    The percentage of immigrants in the state of Connecticut increased between consecutive Census reports. This also points to increasing numbers of children of immigrants in the state, which requires rethinking how their educational and health outcomes are addressed, given the language and socioeconomic barriers.

    October 31, 2007

  • Connecticut Leads the Nation in Multiple Measures of Income Inequality

    According to Census data, Connecticut had greater income inequaity than all other states, with its household income distribution still growing. This report from Conneticut Voices for Children analyzes these statistics using Gini Coefficients of Inequality.

    October 31, 2007

  • A Health Status Report on African-Americans in Connecticut

    This report reflects the status of health indicators for African Americans. It showed that there is still much racial inequity in health.

    June 30, 2007

  • Dwight Neighborhood Planning Update 2007

    The Neighborhood Plan for Community Action was developed during two community design workshops with neighborhood residents, public officials, and local organizations. They addressed different issues, including safety, education, streets, and economic development. The resulting document encompasses their concerns and suggestions for their neighborhood.

    June 03, 2007

  • Working Together: The Future of Health in New Haven

    The Future Search Consensus Conference is a multi-stakeholder planning method that brings diverse groups together to discover shared values and purpose. It forces “systems thinking” — promoting a broad yet integrated approach. The two-day conference focused on determining how to take advantage of Yale's research resources to advance health care in New Haven. This report outlines the findings and recommendations.

    May 15, 2007