North Hartford Triple Aim Collaborative

Excerpt from an overview created by Wellville:

North Hartford, CT’s designation as a federal Promise Zone (NHPZ) in 2015 mobilized a renewed spirit of collaboration among city leaders, local organizations and citizens on behalf of North Hartford’s 24,000 residents. The North Hartford Triple Aim Collaborative (NHTAC) was launched in 2017 as the Health and Wellbeing work group for the NHPZ. Building on the significant work to date, the Collaborative is currently expanding its reach and impact by harnessing the increasing convergence of partners and resources committed to creating a healthier, more vibrant community for all.

The Collaborative serves as the Health and Wellbeing workgroup for the North Hartford Promise Zone (NHPZ), and also aligns with other local efforts to advance health and wellbeing throughout the city. In addition, the Collaborative is the designated lead for national initiatives such as Trinity Health’s Transforming Communities Initiative, Invest Health, and Wellville.

With the City of Hartford Health and Human Services as the lead, the Collaborative was recently selected as a “reference community” for the Health Enhancement Community (HEC) Initiative, which is part of Connecticut’s State Innovation Model (SIM) aimed at health care delivery and financing reforms. The Collaborative will participate in the development of new community-centered models that encourage multi-stakeholder partnerships across the state to work together to prevent disease, improve health, and lower costs. These new models will create paths to financial sustainability, potentially through “shared savings” from health insurers and other payers that reward specific outcomes.

Current Examples of Capacity Building

In addition to these and other actions to improve community health and wellbeing, the Collaborative is also co-investing in backbone support and other functional areas needed for success. For example:

Shared Data and Measurement: In partnership with DataHaven, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and others, the Collaborative is developing a data and measurement system to establish shared goals and to track the ongoing impact of Collaborative actions through metrics that matter to community members and other stakeholders. DataHaven received grants in 2015 and 2018 from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, Saint Francis, Connecticut Health Foundation, Hartford HealthCare, and others to field the statewide DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey (in 2015 and 2018). Current work is being done to produce a comprehensive regional community health and wellbeing index and indicators report tentatively titled the Greater Hartford Community Wellbeing Index. Planned to include significant stakeholder input, the cross-sector, collaborative report is designed to help meet the needs of multiple organizations through a coordinated local source. Still in development, the vision is that this shared work will serve simultaneously as the "data and measurement core" for area hospital Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs) and Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs) for health departments and hospitals, and a measurement system for health the NHTAC.