Authored By

Kelly Davila, Mark Abraham, and Camille Seaberry, DataHaven


June 06, 2020


Connecticut Health Foundation, DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey Partners

Towards Health Equity in Connecticut: The Role of Social Inequality and the Impact of COVID-19, is a comprehensive new report that summarizes five broad social determinants of health and discusses how various groups of people are affected by their opportunities in each category. Each section begins with general comparisons of many groups across several indicators, and ends with an example of how those social circumstances relate to a specific health outcome. 

Throughout, the report also discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the social forces that influence health and well-being. The report discusses how these inequities must be addressed in order to help communities recover from the pandemic and promote community resilience.

The report's Appendix A contains a new analysis of locally-specific data by race and ethnicity for communities throughout Connecticut.

For a press release and executive summary, please see our media advisory here.

Published June 18, 2020.

Updated editions

A new version of this report was published in August 2023.

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